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Our Animals

We currently run two flocks of sheep - A few Poll Dorset and Texel X’s. The Texel are a great sheep but we feel we should be supporting our local  breeds. Gradually we will be changing to our Local Rare and Traditional breeds - Portland’s to reflect our Jurassic Coast Heritage and Dorset Horn and Dorset Down as they are our local Downland Breeds. These three breeds are on the RBST’s watchlist and we are in Dorset after all!


We do like a cosy wool mattress.

Thanks mum !

Our Veal calves live in light spacious airy barns with ad lib feed and straw and a lot of fuss. Some of them really do love attention and as you can see are also quite partial to a bit of shirt!

We collect them personally at between 2 and 4 weeks old from a handful of selected local dairy farms. Veal has had a lot of bad press over the years but, it is a healthy nutritious meat that is sustainable and maybe it should be considered as a ‘Dairy Product’ as without calves you wouldn’t have the Milk for your coffee and cornflakes, Cream for your strawberries or the wonderful varieties of Cheeses available.













Calves come in two sorts - Heifers, future dairy cows and the inevitable male of the species the Bull calf. It is these bull calves that Dairy Farmers have a problem with, so for them to become tasty veal resolves a dilemma.  They are not, as many think, tiny little things. Oh no, they grow to become large testosterone fuelled bulls weighing in at a third of a ton or more before they leave us!  While always being wary they rarely cause us any bother having been used to us hand bedding and chatting to them daily and looking in and checking them during the day.


We also have a growing menagerie of other animals, Rare Breed Berkshire Pigs and Pilgrim Geese as well as a mix of Traditional and Rare Breed chickens.  Jasper the Sheepdog and the cats (the Pest Control Officers) keep everyone organised and up to speed with the exception of our long term guests, our daughters two Pygmy Goats who are a law unto themselves.


Enjoying the spring sunshine