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Versatile Veal - Pasties

Using a traditional Cornish Recipe

Delicious Veal Steaks for Supper

Our Transit Packaging

Sturdy Sustainable and Recyclable Boxes with ‘Woolcool’ Insulation and Chill Packs

Meat Boxes

Our Sheep and Veal calves are all audited annually by RSPCA Freedom Food and Red Tractor.  These are very stringent assessments and cover just about everything you could possibly think of to do with the rearing of our animals even down to where our sheep dog sleeps….but he makes his own decisions on that as he doesn’t read the manual.

Our local abattoir/butcher is only a short stress free journey from the farm. It is family owned and only caters farmers selling their own produce.




All our Lamb, Hogget and Mutton have been born and reared on the farm. Lamb becomes available later in the summer and Hogget, usually a more generous size to lamb and has a greater depth of flavour is available at various time of the year. Mutton is the tastiest of all, wonderful for slow roast and warming casseroles

Our meats are available to collect direct from the farm, some local delivery is possible by arrangement. For those of you further afield we can have it couriered direct to your door in our sustainable insulated packaging -see picture



Half Lamb                       

Half Hogget                    

Half Mutton                    


Sausages and Burgers NOW available



Taster Boxes    £35

Larger Boxes available please ring for details


Vac Pac is available but costs a little more.


Boxes can be couriered to you in our chill packaging  Cost of this is dependent on weight - allow £15 - £20 for Lamb boxes

Leg of lamb ready for the oven with onion, Blackberry Syrup Glaze and  Rosemary sprigs

Lamb Selection

Legs, shoulder, chops etc

There is always a selection of Frozen Joints, Burgers, and Sausages available at the Farm - Please call in  -

    We are rarely out but suggest a phone call in advance.

Please phone or email for availability or book to avoid disappointment.   Orders/reservations are being taken for this seasons lambs - ready later in the summer












Whole Lamb

Whole Hogget

Whole Mutton

Veal selection display

Large joint, mince, steaks, osso bucco and dice


      Sausages and Burgers      on our market stall