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Welcome to our small, sustainably managed and conservation orientated farm bounded by the River Axe, tucked away in a fold of the West Dorset Downs in the Dorset AONB  just inland from the acclaimed Jurassic Coast.


Do you like to know where your food comes from, its provenance, that it is produced with care and animal welfare paramount.  We are members of RSPCA Assured - Freedom Food and Red Tractor so you can be sure that it is.  The Assessments are rigorous and regular. Note: The Freedom Food Logo is changing, so you will see the familiar blue and white logo as well as the new RSPCA more colourful Logo - the Higher Welfare Standards remain the same.


Our Lambs are born and reared on the farm to these higher welfare standards the same as our Veal calves, except that we buy them in as youngsters from a handful of selected local dairy farms. To buy meat boxes and other farm produce please see our ‘Meat Boxes’ and ‘Fleeces and Yarn’ pages.


We hope you will enjoy finding out more about how we started. From a few fields with a wind tunnel of a barn to where we are today - producing high quality, higher welfare produce that you can buy direct from the farm, safe in the knowledge that it has been given the best of care and attention.



All the pictures on our site have been taken by ourselves with the exception of a few of the calf pictures which were taken on a Freedom Food photoshoot for their Recipe Book and publicity.

Contact :  07944250129