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Sheep coming up for Shearing

Maytime Bluebells

Some of our Boys enjoying the sunshine

Deer down in the lower field

One of the beautiful sunsets over the farm

Making friends - pair of Berkshire Weaners

I thought it was me you wanted not those naughty goats

Quick! While they’re away we can have a turn

Nice and warm in our home grown duvets!

A very young Jasper on

lambing duties

The lane to the farm in springtime green

Even the small tractors get a hose down

Goosey and Gander generally known as Nosey and Parker!!

Ready for baling

Haylage for the winter


Scratching post required

Back at the beginning - first piece of the second barn going up

Fun time - Some of the bigger boys helping to straw down!!

We occasionally have brown and white bulls - these are Dairy Shorthorns

Young Goosey and Ganders first swim

Found this little fella and friend in G  & G’s bathtub now they are too big for it.

So pleased, hope there are more in the marsh now we know they are about.